Sunita Vishwakarma ( Lost 18kg )

Age- 31yrs Previous weight – 83.2 kgs , Current weight – 65.1 kgs, Hi , My name is Sunita Vishwakarma. My weight had become 83.2kg, after coming to Anshu and taking her diet chart i have lost 18 kg weight, now I am 65.1kg. The Diet was very nice with lots of options .There was no problem […]

Pooja Jain ( 13.6kg )

Previous weight – 79.1 kgs , Current weight – 65.5 kgs, Hi, I joined Anshu when my baby was just 10 months old and I weighed 79kg ( at least 10 kg more than I use to be ) but thanks to Anshu’s fabulous diet plans and her always so positive and motivating nature, I reached my […]

Rachna Jadav ( Lost 13 kg )

Age – 18 yrs, Previous weight – 75.7 kgs , Current weight – 62.5 kgs, Hi, i am Rachna Jadav, i am “Feeling grateful and appreciative of losing 13 kgs weight in 6 months in my teenage actually attracted me more towards myself and that was the day i gained self confidence and started believing in myself.Love […]

Rushank Masand ( Lost 23.6 kgs )

Age – 18 yrs, Previous weight – 97 kgs , Current weight – 73.6 kgs, Hi , My name is Rushank Masandin. In 2014 beginning  I was gaining weight due to my unhealthy eating habits and the love for junk food and sweets. It scared me to see my weight on the weighing scale..which is when I […]

Madhana ( Lost 12.8 kgs )

Age – 30yrs, Previous weight – 80.9 kgs , Current weight – 68.1 kgs, Few months ago I thought that I m in shape and healthy n whenever I used to go for shopping an XL size would fit. N I was happy n people used to call me chubby. I took it as a […]

Roshni Dasija ( Lost 8.3 kgs )

Din’t know weight lose was such a easy thing. Yes easy ! With Anshu Malik it was possible.Its a perfect balanced diet where u do not feel the craving for anything. At the end of the day it was a full course meal. The discipline she brings in an individuals eating habit is tremendous.

Kishori Sawant ( Lost 6 kgs )

Age – 30 yrs, Previous weight – 65.2 kgs, Current weight – 59.3 kgs, Hi Anshu, Thank’s to you for all gave new vision to me to maintain myself healthy and fit.. Over and above it gave me tons of confidence to wear the outfits which I thought I could never.
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