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Now day’s we all are in such a rush in the city of Mumbai >> Going to office >> Meeting clients>> Studying >> Handling the entire household >> Kids, that most of the times we don’t give attention to our health and that of our family even though we all know “Health is the Greatest Wealth” .

We tend to get diverted in the other spheres of life to attain all the aims and goals we have set but have you realized that if you aren’t “FIT “ enough how will you have the capacity to struggle or work towards the GOAL’S of your life? Many of us have started – NEGLECTING – the importance of health these days and this negligence can soon affect us in our later life if we don’t take charge of our Health today.

For one to curb the fat and to be Fit it starts from our own natural Hub- our home. A little guidance and you can walk towards the path of wellness with ANSHU MALIK’S FOOD – FIBRE – FITNESS (3F-Steps).

“Naturally lose fat without loosing your health”

Every age group can benefit from the ‘ EASY-TO-FOLLOW ‘plan designed to achieve Increased Immunity, High Energy and Fat Free Body.The focus being on lifestyle management, medical examination, dietary advice, mind-body connection and much more keeping in mind physical, mental and emotional attributes.

We assure that one can lose up to 3 to 4 kgs in 4 weeks (1 month) ) with our scientifically designed, personalized diet and exercise plans which will suit your regular cuisine and cooking practice. Result depending upon your metabolism, medical issues, age and follow up.
One also receives special guidance on eating out without worrying about their weight.
*We do not encourage use of any Weight Reduction pills,tablets,gel heat wraps, surgeries, tucks, etc. We do not compromise on quality & safety of our clients.

You will be on a Momentary diet when you’re going out of town for few days for work or family purpose. While traveling, carrying atta and having the atta becomes difficult so we put your plan on a hold for that phase. Those days are not counted as a week and we resume diet as you are back. In momentary diet there is liberty to eat lots of options but nothing outside it if you wish to enjoy trip and not gain at the same time.

When the desired target weight is achieved, it becomes very important to not to gain back the lost weight. So we put you on a sustainment plan for a period of 2 months after achieving your desired weight loss to help you get on normal diet , sustain your weight and to make you your own independent “Health and Weight manager”


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Excess body weight is a hindrance. This gain can be because of wrong eating habits, medical issues, low physical activity , due to hereditary issues etc. Also having too much body fat can lead to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea and stroke.
The 3F-Steps will help you lose weight and achieve your desired result.
• FOOD-A balanced weight loss diet is given in which you will be eating every 2 hours.
• FIBRE- You will be provided with high fibre organic atta (flour).There are 15 variants and they keep changing according to your weight loss programme.
• FITNESS– These 3F-steps will be most effective as we advise 1 physical activity in a day for 60 mins. This will in turn naturally help you to lose weight

Acidity Correction

Heartburn, acid reflux symptom or burning is an irritation of the esophagus that is caused by stomach acid. This can create a discomfort in the upper abdomen or below the breast bone. For this treatment, diet modifications are given.


Asthma, a chronic disease characterized by coughing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and wheezing can be provoked by factors like pollen’s, mounds, weather changes, exercise, dust mite, animal dander, (dead skin flakes),food allergy or cockroach droppings etc. In this case, it is equally important to follow a diet that ensures keeping a check on foods items that do not aggravate ones plight.


Everyone wants to look best on “THE day of their wedding. A complete diet package is prepared according to the number of months left. This incorporates weight loss to get you in best shape desired. This will ensure a radiant skin; hair fall correction and full body glow so that you can look your best ever.


Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance which may form in your arteries and can narrow the space through which blood flows. Over time, this build up causing hardening of the arteries, also known as atherosclerosis.Cholesterol management diet will be made to lower the cholesterol levels and get it under control with correct food choices.


A detox is mainly done post a week or months of unhealthy heavy meals, alcohol parties, stress, smoking etc. Diet which is full of anti-oxidant food agents is included for best results.


Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism which results in high blood sugar levels in body. The key to successful control and management of diabetes starts with educating the patient and preserve the life of the diabetic patient by relieving the symptom of the disease. The importance of diet is explained to the patient involving the list of foods to be eaten and to be avoided to keep sugar levels under control.


If you suffer with any digestive disorders like constipation, gas, bloating, IBS then diet is given accordingly to provide you relief.


Menopause is a term used when the menstrual cycles slowly stop to indicate end of the period of possible sexual reproduction in women. Menopause symptoms include irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep difficulties, spotting, mood swing and irritability. A menopause treatment includes diet in which we choose correct foods that help going through the phase of menopause.

Energy Enhancement

Even after eating 3 course meal there is still a feeling of tiredness that tags along with body for entire day. This can be due to making wrong choice in foods, eating less than required, vitamin or mineral deficiency, having long starvation gaps or stressful work pattern. When the energy levels always remain low then it starts effecting performance, spirit of achieving goals, confidence and builds irritation. A diet is made which boost energy levels so that you go ahead charging the day positively.


In Indian culture, fasting is abstaining to eat food items throughout the day for religious purposes. Fasting is proved to be a very good detox for the body but hampers the metabolism as long hours of starvations is required. Hence, a diet is given that take care of both your fasting requirements and health.


A gluten-free diet excludes gluten, a protein composite found in wheat and related grains, barley, rye etc. Gluten causes health problems in sufferers of celiac disease (CD) and wheat allergy. A diet is made which excludes all gluten related food products and other food alternatives are given.


If blood uric acid level rises then there is deposition of uric acid crystals in small joints surrounding tissues or kidney stones may form. When excess uric acid appears in the blood, we prescribe diet which limits production of purines.


Hair fall can be a result of many factors like ill health, hereditary,hormonal imbalance, stress, tension, climate change, being unhygienic , dandruff, using harsh chemicals on hair, aging, vitamin or mineral deficiency and inadequate diet. In Hair fall correction, guidance will be given to consume necessary food items that will help in generating healthy hair.

Healthy Pregnancy

A balanced diet is made which meets the nutritional requirement and support in pregnancy. There are specific customized diets for pre-conceiving, three trimester i.e1st to 3rd month (1st Trimester ), 4th to 6th month ( 2nd trimester ) , 7th to 9th month (3rd trimester ) and 40 days post-delivery.


High Blood pressure is elevated blood pressure levels. It is impaired pumping of the heart and if untreated damages the heart, brain and kidney. Diet will be prescribed to keep the blood pressure under control.

Immunity Enhancement

When the immune system is low there are frequent occurrence of cold, cough, flue, viral attacks, and recurrence of medical issues, allergies, dust and climatic change. A diet is accordingly prepared with food that acts best in building immune system which becomes solid base for our health.


When a mother is nursing her baby, it makes greater demand on her body. Hence, keeping in mind the nutritional requirement and the traditional do’s and don’ts, a very specific diet is given for the mother.


Potassium a naturally occurring mineral’s a content of the body that is normally kept under control by the kidney. When kidney function is reduced, they are unable to remove any excess potassium ,which may accumulate. Hence we give diet to prevent a build up by restricting potassium in the diet.


Diet forms an important part in the treatment of kidney disease. In order to treat the symptom which occur when the kidneys are not fully functioning we prepare a diet according to individuals need and response to treatment.Adjustment will be made to the diet from time to time as the kidney function alters.


Running a marathon requires months of training, breathing technique, running technique, building stamina, building immunity and a health boosting diet. In marathon diet, you are given guidance on things to eat few days before the marathon, just some hours before running the marathon, during the marathon and post finishing the marathon.


It is a health problem where there are many small fluid filled cysts in ovaries that can affect the menstrual cycle by making them irregular, low fertile , imbalance of hormones and insulin levels , weight gain. A work out regime and diet is prepared to support medical treatment that helps the menstrual cycles become regular.


Variety of skin conditions include acne, pimples, dry skin, dull skin, wrinkles, skin tags, freckles pigmentation effected by smoking, stress, alcohol, pollution, no proper skin care regime, medical issues, hormonal imbalance and poor diet .A radiant skin is possible by following high-nutrient diet which will help you to keep your skin texture and vitality strong.


Thyroid is a disease state caused by insufficient production or over production of thyroid hormone called thyroxin by the thyroid gland. A diet and workout regime is provided to achieve best results.


In day-to-day life, our body gives us many signals about some symptoms that are constantly affecting our routine. Only after getting examined we come to know about such deficiencies. We correct them by proving nutrient rich diet.


A person who wishes to gain weight needs to be equally disciplined just as in weight loss programme. There are many reasons for being underweight like not eating food, fever, gastric intestinal disturbance, hyperthyroidism, high physical activity, tension etc. A balanced diet is given until the desirable weight is attained.