Frequent Questions

1. Why Anshu Malik (Consulting Dietician ) ?

Anshu Malik offers services in the field of Health and Nutrition delivering best and assured results since years. We achieve this in most natural way by food, high fibre organic flour and fitness exercise. No use of weight loss medicines, herbs, powder, shakes, machines, tuck,gels wraps etc. she believes that today diet therapy has advanced so much that diet is not just limited to weight loss but there are diets for medical issue and purpose.

2. Will all the weight come back as I stop dieting?

As you achieve your desired weight loss we put you on a weight sustainment programme for a period of 2 months absolutely free to sustain weight as you cannot be on our food stuff forever. During the diet plan your body is deprived of so many food items so we gradually get you back on normal eating routine by adding back the food items we had avoided during the plan to give you weight loss. You must continue 60 minutes physical activity and we educate you with explanationsevery time so that your knowledge increases and you become your own “Health Manager”.

3. How much time each diet session will take?

When you come for the 1st time we need at least 1 hour to take your Full Body Analysis. Post that whenever you come every week for follow up we need only 10 to 15 minutes.

4. How will I follow diet when I have to travel due to office work or familytrip for 3 to 4 days?

Whenever you have traveling plans and will not be able to follow diet from morning till night your diet plan will be on hold. You will go on a momentary diet for those days. If you remain inside the Momentary diet options you will enjoy your trip and you will be able to maintain your weight and come back.

5. Will my face get dull and the glow of my face go away as I loseweight?

No, the weight loss that we provide is very natural and gradual. The diet is made very nutritious to make sure that the glow is intact, so you will have even more radiant skin.

6. Will I loose in inches also?

Yes, when you lose your body weight then inch loss will also be there. We take measurements at start of programme and repeat every 1 month to keep a track of inch loss along with weight loss.

7. Will my skin sag after losing weight?

Body Skin has anelasticproperty. When you are on diet we recommend 60 minutesphysical activity to help you tone faster.

8. What if I don’t like a particular food, do I still have to eat it on your diet?

No, we always have a frank and open conversation with all our patients. There is no point if u don’t like eating some particular food and you are forced.You will get best result only if you follow diet 100% and that will in return satisfy us also .We will provide you with variety of food options for your best comfort.

9. Do I have to do lot of medical reports before starting your diet?

No, we will be doing your full body analysis. If you have any medical issue or if we feel need to see any particular report after doing your analysis then only we will recommend.

10. If I have other medical issues along with weight loss will that also be taken care off?

Yes, when we take your full body analysis we also do detail study of your medical issues. Food or diet recommendation will be prescribed to give you over all a better health along with weight loss.

11. What physical activity options do you recommend along with your diet plan?

You can do a mix of activities but physical activity in all should last for total 60 minutes. It can vary from Brisk walk, Jogging, swimming , gyming , spinning, cycling, power or hot yoga, zumba dance, dancing on music, functional training, skipping, climbing stairs and boot camp.

12. What all types of diet do you give?

Weight Loss Diabetics Anemia Lactation Thyroid Marathon
Weight Gain Hypertensive Detoxification. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency correction Bride & Groom Fasting
Cholesterol Management Energy Enhancement Hair Fall correction Easy Menopause Acidity correction Healthy Pregnancy
Immunity Enhancement Radiant Skin PCOD Improved Digestion
Low purine diet (Gout) Low potassium diet Gluten free diet Asthama

13. Can I go on diet and lose my pregnancy weight if my baby is 2 months old?

No, when you have delivered a baby just 2 months back we recommend starting weight loss post 4 months so that your body is fit and nutritionally healthy by then.

14. It’snot possible for me to do physical activity due to medical reason can I still lose weight?

Yes, If you want to lose weight and you do not have support of physical activity then doing a diet becomes very important. As the entire responsibility of weight loss comes on diet you can loseup to 2 kg every month.

15. Will I lose weight? They say its difficulty for thyroid people to lose weight?

Yes, In Hypothyroidism there is under production of thyroxin hormone due to which one gains weight as the metabolism also slows down. We customize such a diet for you so that with diet and workout you lose weight. We have had many thyroid patients they all have lost weight and so will you.

16. I have PCOD and I am gaining weight can you help?

Yes, PCOD is poly cystic ovarian disorder in which there a multiple cysts around the ovaries effecting the menstrual cycle and further adding in weight gain. Weight loss is required along with right medication. Customize diet plan is made accordingly to achieve best results.

17. I have major sweet craving so how will I do your diet programme and lose weight?

Sweet cravings happen when you have made your body use to it by eating high amount of junk regularly or not eating properly on time at all. When you start the diet your body takes couple of days but the sweet cravings starts coming down. Incase if you still get the craving then we recommend list of natural sweet food stuff.

18. I just can’tstarve,Are you going to make us starve in diet?

No, anybody can stop eating,be on liquids or water and lose weight but is that a healthy weight loss,not at all because Starvation is unhealthy and has it consequences. We give you weight loss in the most healthy and nutritive way. You are recommended a balanced meal which includes all 5 food groups, every 2 hours eating , your are given diet worth calories required by you according to height and weight, and work out 60mins every day so that the metabolism increases and we get the best weight loss.

19. I have lot of outings in which I goof up by eating how will you manage that when I am on diet?

Yes, human beings are meant to be social. Even though you are on diet occasions and get-togethers never end. You have to have a strong will power and focus on your goal which will help you at this time. It’s always good to be a wise eater and enjoy the company of people more than looking forward to food. To deal with this we have made an Eating –Out menu which has a list of things you can order from the menu when you go to a restaurant so that you can pick healthy choice. In spite of this if you feel you have goofed up somewhere then we always try covering it up with meals of other remaining days and by increasing physical activity of coming days in that week.

20. I have a corporate job and have no time to do physical activity will I still lose weight on your diet?

Yes, role of Diet is 50% and workout is 50 % in entire weight loss. To get best and continuous results it always advised to work out 60mins in a day regularly. Due to working hours if you are not left with much time then we recommend doing in-house physical activities at least for 15mins like spot jogging, skipping, climbing stairs etc. Removing 15 minutespersistently every day will also do wonders in yoweight loss results.

21. Any side effects of following your diet?

No, the entire diet is made with a purpose to deliver results in the most natural way so there is no question of any side effects instead there will be lots of side benefits like glowing skin, better hair quality, feeling energetic and lite.

22. Will my energy levels be low because of being on your weight loss diet?

No, the diet is individually customised in such a way so that your energy levels are fine the entire day. You are advised to eat every 2 hour so energy levels remain at its best . If you have an issue of energy levels always remaining low then we also give energy booster diet to increase energy levels from what they currently are.