Terms & Conditions

If one wishes to apply for Anshu Malik’s, Food-Fibre-Fitness’s monthly programme.He/She needs to understand the terms and conditions of membership and fully abide by them. One is expected to understand that:

  • The programme is based on losing weight naturally and designed scientifically for me and I agree to completely adhere to the programme.
  • Nutritional adequacy will be ensured by the consumption of the recommended diet.
  • I will not be advised to take any weight-loss medicines or drugs or pills.
  • I will be required to eat the provided organic flour which is highly nutritious and low on calorie.
  • The results vary from person to person.
  • Anshu Malik reserves the right to alter/change/substitute the programme content. Anshu Malik will retain the current photograph after I show successful results. Such photographs will not be used for publicity/promotional activities without my explicit written consent. Amounts paid for Diet Delivery parcel is non-refundable.
  • This Agreement is personal to you and may not be transferred to another person.
  • The success of the programme depends upon my complete adherence to the programme. In case I fail to achieve desired target weight loss, it may be due to my deviation from the programme guidelines.
  • I will not hold Anshu Malik responsible for medical complications which I have not revealed prior to commencing and during the programme.
  • *One is expected to participate in the plan after being fully satisfied with all aspects of the plan and with respect to their own free will.
  • *One is expected to consult their doctor if they wish to do so before they enroll for the diet plan.
  • *One needs to testify that they are medically fit to go through the advised plan.
  • *One undertakes the responsibility to adhere to the guidelines one receives from Anshu Malik.
  • *She will not be held liable and/or responsible if one does not achieve/maintain the target weight or for any injury/illness that one may suffer if any of the plan guidelines are not adhered by them.