Kapil Sharma

Thnk u sooooooo much anshu.. Nahi to main to dhyaan nahi rakhta apna.. Thnk u so much dear.. God bless u..



Anshu Malik is not only a dietician she is also a friend, a guide. She tries to understand my taste, likes and dislikes and accordingly made a diet plan so that i don’t feel as if i am losing out on my taste buds or kind of food i like and yet i am losing out on my weight .thanks to her well planned diet charts.



I needed a good diet to increase stamina and I am a person who eats everything but from the time i met Anshu she has given me a very good diet . My diet was different than other as I needed weight gain which is difficult. I have been to many dietician in past but I had no results but now I have started following Anshu’s diet and it has worked for me actually. I am saying this because I can see results , my stamina has increased, I get hungry every 2 hours as earlier I use to have long gaps , so I hope for the best and I trust her , so thanks a lot and I will continue with her for good.



Get in the best shape without starving. Eat and loose is her mantra..Anshu Malik rocks.


Meghna Naidu

Anshu is lovely and keeping me in shape. I have just starting following her diet and you must try the high fibre organic atta she has given to me.It is amazing I was thinking it might not be tasty but It’s amazing and I eat 4 rotis of it at times . I am looking forward to more and more more and more associations with you .thank you so much


Hiten Tejwani

I was loosing a lot of weight continuously and all my fans were concerned why I was loosing so much weight so here Anshu comes in picture where she has given me a proper diet that I have to eat what at what time and see I am looking all healthy, I am feeling energetic and my energy levels have gone very high all thanks to Anshu’s lovely diet .The biggest thing is i feel what role can daily diet play in our life and what if we don’t maintain a good diet while shooting and playing then what?. There are many examples in front of us that people faint, people get black out, their performance level is not 100 % so I thank Anshu for giving me a proper diet.



It’s been simply great having Anshu as my Nutritionist. She is very particular and thorough with all the do’s and don’ts. Her ability to understand everyone’s need and aim individuality and guide through is her plus point .I wish her all the very best .God bless


Gia Mianek

My intention was inch loss..as I was never fat..like a religious and sincere student I followed everything which Anshu asked me n every week I could notice differences which would further motivate me to obey her all the more .Thanku Anshu



As Actors it’s imp for us to fluctuate our diet and shape up as per different Characters..When I first went to Anshu I was a bit skeptical as to what kind of diet would I get as I am a Punjabi and totally love eating.. But after meeting her and getting the plan I was so happy as was allowed to have my fav food items in a different way and also the kind of things that Anshu gives to eat are amazing.. Totally an amazing experience love the way Ms. Malik gets you in shape!!


Sedeepa Singh

As a punjabi, it is very hard for me to diet but thanks to Anshu who just had patience with me and gave me a nice diet chart which is thankfully not boring..her special ataa n snacks are yummy in taste..thank god i am back to my usual weight! Love



Felt full of energy and healthy, even through rigorous training sessions energy levels were high! Healthy diet is key for optimal performance. Thanks to Anshu’s diet I got fitter and energetic.



Once I crossed 30 I realiesed the importance of diet .The moment she came in she had her diet sorted out in place. I am the kind who will sample immediately and a person who will try out anything shown on tv so I tried her flour and I really  liked it. I will be her highest paid customer and buy every thing that she has. Her diet had many new things which I never felt I would use. A lot of us use seeds on a daily basis but we think we will use it some time in a day and we will be sorted but NO to eat it at the right time is very important .so I thank Anshu for everything.



I always though dieting meant cutting down on food and starving so I avoided it but Anshu has changed my perception. I feel healthier and fitter since I have begun consulting her. There’s a marked improvement in my body and that too after eating almost everything I like.



Anshu Malik’s food and diet plan helps me to stay fit and healthy even when I have over eaten as the flour and other products where light and full of nutrition .thanks



I have followed so any diets but nothing would give me desired results. But when I went to Anshu I was soughted . I would follow her diet for couple of days and I would feel and see the result. Even her snacks which she gives herself are non fattening and tasty.



It was a great experience . I got to know a lot about Nutrition and food facts which I was not aware about .Healthy Diet is very important simply in our field and stressful Mumbai life and I trust Anshu  Malik for it.



Talking about diet and the person behind is Anshu Malik. The best thing I like about her is that the diet is so simple and can be followed in day to day life. Instead of popping pills for medical issues she gives diet options for them which shows that her knowledge of food is so well. She has a lot of preventive options in diet which we face in day to day life ,commom health problems and how lack of attention on diet can increase these ailments which acts as a wake up call. Certain specific things like drinking water as 1st thing in morning, drinking water before brushing teeth as that detoxifies you and many more such advice’s from her are amazing these are just morning advice but imagine what health benefit will happened till nite .

It has discipline at the same time u don’t leave all that your current routine ,it’s brilliant and very nice how she has given her self in this and I wish her all the best !


Abhishek Rawat

I am a huge fan of dietician Anshu .i am a very lazy person by nature and I am extremely indiscipline as far as my eating habits are concerned. I use to eat what ever comes my way but ever since the time Anshu has been a part she has given a detailed food chart that what i have to eat and drink at what time and I can feel lot of difference in a very short span of time , the diet has made a lot of difference to me and my body compositions. My energy levels for past 1 week has been extremely extremely good and the credit goes to her diet tha has been followed you are amazing


Vindya Tiwari

I must say Anshu it’s my pleasure to have you around. she is always there to tell what to eat in the right way so accordingly I prepare what I have to eat as I believe “what you eat actually reflects”. I had the flour that she gave and it was very yummy and healthy. She never tells to skip dinner infact she always says to eat as well do exercise. she always say’s be happy and stay healthy . I am a very straight forward person I am not saying for the sake of only saying but its all true.she is a very hard working person and deserves all the clap.



As team owner of Kolkatta Baabu Moshyaes in Box Cricket League I am very thankful that Anshu has come on board. We are getting lot of help as we had never given so much thought to diet but from the time she has come it has made huge huge difference. she chases all the player of the team for following best diet. If I had a option I would have make her the captain of the team for being the most neutral person on the team, most motivating, present in all meetings, cooling everyone down so I think that it is a huge huge asset to have her on team and we would like that she continuous to be dietician for our team till the time we are playing this league as i am sure other teams will also try approaching her but we are best as we play to win !